Friday, April 11, 2008

Five minutes of doggerel...

...inspired by the word "thicket." I "wrote" the first two lines in my head last night, while trying to sleep, and decided that today I would try and flesh them out, sticking more to rhythm and sound than to meaning. (Perhaps it's ironic that I ended up with a poem about the loss of meaning.)

He hid it in a thicket
where she could never find it
and with him gone it withered
and crumbled into ether

and on his way he rambled
as if it never happened
as if he hadn’t squandered
this morsel of his spirit

And from the earth it rumbled
and leaves began their leaving
as nature saw the missing
as punishment for thieving

And in her room she heard it
and wondered at the tumult
and thought again of loving
but closed the blinds against it

And measure after measure
the music shook the mountains

He saw it in the paper
and closed his eyes a moment

deciding that the rhythm
was suitable for dancing

It’s now at Number Seven
He’s headed for a Grammy

He’ll thank his agent, Jesus,
the fans, and this great nation
where anyone, transcending
can cleave their art from feeling

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