Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Great Minds....

Over on the Writer's Digest site, a poet named Robert Lee Brewer is--surprise--writing a poem a day for April.

His ethos seems similar to mine: an emphasis on the process itself, rather than on something pristine.

He challenges others to join him in the process, and he's even giving "prompts" every day to get things moving. I think I'll avoid his prompts unless I really need them--which may come to pass--in favor of whatever weird stuff I run across elsewhere.

- - -

In other news: I fell asleep last night with that "Carry On" poem forming in my mind, along with one about my husband's parakeet. As I did with the raisin poem the day before, I decided not to get up and write things down, but just try and keep the lines in my head until the next morning. I don't know whether this was better or worse for the poem than forsaking sleep for writing would have been, but it sure was good to get up at a reasonable hour today.

I was going to work on "Carry On" throughout the day, but I decided instead to just post the first draft so I could get on with my day. (Not the most joyous and rosy way to look at this experiment, I know.)

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