Sunday, April 11, 2010

Brewer prompt: "The last..."

I did what I tend to do when pressed for ideas. I found a Wikipedia page--in this case, I looked up Tiger Woods, because I wanted to know whether Tiger was his given name--and then clicked on the "random entry" link until I got something that interested me.

By the way, it's Eldrick.

The Last Lanternfish
the last lanternfish
can never sleep
the ocean is
too full of
things that reflect
her luminescent scales
so they stare
as fish and
people are wont
to do even
though they should
stick to their
schools let her
shine after all
she can’t help
it and this
bright skin is
no gift for
even she can’t
sleep at night
can’t hide that
light under a
bushel or reef
can’t swim far
enough away for
the solace of
sweet anonymous dark

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