Thursday, April 29, 2010

Prompt: "And Suddenly..."

And Suddenly My Yogurt Bit Back

Down below the part that’s healthy, the ectoplasm
where industrious bacteria feed and fuck,
there lies the prize, the bliss-rising fruit
of the cacao bean, that dessert for the virtuous,
ambrosia for the fauxhemian saint. Yesterday,
some full-grown coworker asked me
“What is macrame?” The cutoff date: 1965.
Born later, and you missed everything.
Still, these tall kids in the office, with their
earbuds and tramp stamps and superior hair,
they’re buying the same stuff as me
these days, the organic-guaranteed brand
with the mellow brown cows on the cup. They’re
sucking up the same mind-altering sweet bugs,
stirring and stirring until the nutraceutical goo
is engulfed by the good stuff.
Chocolate Underground, baby. Dig it.

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Amy Barlow said...

Pam, there are too many ways I can identify with this particular poem to mention, but the "cutoff date" in particular. I was always "the older one" in the office...

This is heady, earthy... juicy stuff. Just love it. And yes, whatever you call it (PC dictates I'm bipolar, but it sounds like I live with Santa half the year), the way we see the world is different. If not for mental and chemical differences, we would not have the Sistene Chapel, not to mention all works by van Gogh! There's a submit" button on the dropdowns at the site I mentioned on PA. It takes forever, but it's worth it.