Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Brewer prompt: Looking back

Oh, this was great: just as I started to think about the prompt, KHUM's interview with Wavy Gravy came on. So I scribbled as I listened. This is not about Wavy Gravy, though two parts of it are inspired by things he said: one about "hijacking" a plane, the other about telling kids on a bad trip that they should go out and buy the ingredients for a root beer float.

Noisy Karma
for, but not about, Wavy Gravy

All that he did was money in the bank
for this ragged old age. Time was
we hijacked a plane, with love and hugs.
It’s our trip now, we said. We hung flowers
around the stewardesses’ necks--
you know, they all got lei’d!
He rips a fart,
mutters Sorry, like respectable company.
There were even boy stewards.
We didn’t care.
He hacks up
a few more memories, deep in his chest.
We never dosed anyone. Those were lies.
You make your own karma. We never wanted
to hurt anyone. Some boy with a bad trip,
we’d give him ice cream. It’s OK, kid,
you just swallowed the snake.
It’ll come out the other end, you’ll be fine
Big cough now. He pats the sunken Zig-Zag head
between his withered nipples. We always said the weed
wouldn’t poison us like nicotine. We were wrong.

Asked, Do you regret anything? he brings a knuckle
to the place where his right eye used to be,
gives it a twist, winces a wicked grin, says,
I wish I’d given those kids on the plane
more than flowers.

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