Friday, September 12, 2008

A dedication

I want to dedicate the pencil poem to someone called Sars, someone I've never met. I knew her first as a commentator on Television Without Pity, a site where I used to spend a lot of time before they ushered out most of the really great writers and ushered in too many bells and whistles.

A few minutes ago, I read about Sars' 9/11 experience and her search for a fellow who helped her that day. (The story here, here, and here.) If you want to believe in angels, it's great evidence. If you don't, it's a lovely story of the kindness of strangers, of human goodness.

There is a bit in Sars' 9/11 recollections in which she anthropomorphizes the falling tower. It's breathtaking. Somehow, it got me past my own writer's block into looking at an object from a different perspective, or perspectives.

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