Monday, September 22, 2008

An issue of limited relevance

Well, I'm gonna be on Jeopardy! this week. It taped back in July. I was in the audience for all of this week's shows (except when I was on stage, of course); it was a fascinating and weird experience.

I did get to talk about poetry a little. Very little. It seems to be an area that interests Alex.

I'll be leaving town to visit my Virginia relatives for the broadcast (pizza party in Craig County!), so my posts might get sporadic.


The Storialist said...

That's so exciting! I wonder which day you'll be on?

What was Mr. T. like????

Pam said...

Check it out on Thursday.

Alex was what you'd expect him to be like. Unless you expect him to be an insufferable prick, of course! I found him to be gentlemanly, very much at ease, a little on the know-it-all side but not in an annoying way. Kind of like his contestants.

The Storialist said...

HA! I saw you on Jeopardy!!!

You go, girl.