Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Vindictive tombstone

This is the tombstone I cited the other day in the poem about Huffman Cemetery. I didn't get the wording quite right in the poem; It's even more mordant than what I remembered.

I first saw this stone about 15 years ago, when a friend and I were in the same cemetery, looking for the grave of an old friend of hers. I was pretty astonished by it. But maybe I'm just misinterpreting it?

Of course, it pales next to the recent whopper of an obituary that was widely publicized.

I mean, I get that it's satisfying to have the last word, but maybe it's better not to say anything, let the unmarked plot be covered over by foliage and Coke cans. Or flush the cremains down the toilet, if it helps.


The Storialist said...


I'm stunned, especially by the obit. There's something really sad about it.

But the gravestone is so darn perplexing...I can't believe there are actual dollar signs on it!

Pam said...

Yeah, I wonder whether tombstone makers ever balk at anything they're asked to carve.