Friday, April 17, 2009

All I Want

Today’s prompt: Make a title that starts with “All I Want Is...”

All I Want Is Your Pillowcase

Dear one, please tell these men with their swaggers and badges that
I am no thief. Thieves are strangers. Thieves are greedy, uncaring
swine who don’t even eat the treasures they root out. They are not
followers seeking the sustenance of relics. Furthermore, I would never
break into your house in Topanga Canyon (44 Cherrystone Way, 90290)
or even that king-bedded room at the back of the tour bus. These are
your homes, your private places. I don’t want anything that is yours,
anything you didn’t give on stage. When those bullies, those cretins
found me, you had already risen and gone. I want only that cloth that,
between the post-show drinks with Dirty Dave of Country 92 and
the entry of the cart carrying your eggs Benedict and decaf,

caught your dreams and breath.

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