Saturday, April 4, 2009


The Writer's Digest prompt for today is to write about an animal. I was all set to write about paramecia until I took a nap and thought of this one while dozing off.

Moving the Aquarium Downstairs

The Great Lifter
has taken us in his arms. My universe
and I are descending
wave by quiver. The green dead man

tilts toward the pink
castle. That chest by his feet
has no treasure. I checked. Anyway,
my treasure falls

from above, from the hands of
The Great Lifter. We who are
caught between heaven
and the muck that stirs

as our universe settles here in this
brighter place, we who
swirl in the green-gray life,
we take power from His manna

and dance here between until we go
the way of all fish: not down
like the stiff man and
his empty box, but

up, as she drifted,
that sad yesterday, up
to the border, to be caught up
by The Great Lifter.

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