Thursday, April 2, 2009


Do you know the term "mondegreen"? It refers to a misheard lyric, as in the folk song "...and Lady Mondegreen" for "and laid him on the green."

I was just fiddling with words here and came up with the phrase "soap on the water." (No fire in the sky for now.) I was looking out at the gray flatness of Broadwater Creek and imagining it frothy. So this is a bit of whimsy.

Soap on the Water

minnows flirt with bubbles
try to pop inside
for private pleasures

snakes slip into the ripwrap
and out again into eddies
stirring the pot

under the feet of the mute swans
crabs crawl up from the bay grasses
to wash their cracked hands

the osprey looks down
from atop the flagpole
and cackles

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