Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday on My Mind

That was today's prompt--"Friday." Here's what I did.

Date Night Number One

Did they check the papers
for showtimes at Golgotha,

skip the openers--two dull thieves,
the stuff you see every Friday--

showing up in time
for the top-billed treat,

some sleight-of-hand showoff
who needed to be put in his place

with three spikes and a mallet?
Did they show up late,

snacks in hand, chattering,
to see what would happen?

Did the flankers, the Pips,
pockets of their robes outturned

and drooping like their heads,
provide any show? And when

the headliner murmured,
“It is finished,” did they

raise a flame
and stamp their sandals for an encore?

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